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Cryptonation is a brand of This is Entertainment, with address at Rua Engenheiro Ferreira Dias, 924, E45, 4100-246, Porto, hereinafter referred to as Cryptonation.


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Permission is granted to use documents (such as Press Releases, Announcements and Reports and Accounts) from this site, provided that the copyright notice appears on all copies. The use of these documents must be used exclusively for informational and non-commercial or personal purposes, not being copied or placed on any network computer or disseminated in any other means of communication, and that no modifications are made to the documents. Violators will be subject to legal proceedings.

Although the personal data provided to us is within the scope of our privacy policy, we understand that all information communicated to us via the internet (including suggestions, material or ideas) will be our property and exclusive use, although restricted. Such information will not have to be treated as confidential by us.

Some parts of the site may contain images that are copyrighted by their suppliers (such as stock photos).


Partners and Sponsorships

The website may contain advertising and sponsors. Cryptonation disclaims that advertisers and sponsors are responsible for ensuring that material received for inclusion on the site complies with applicable laws, codes and regulations. We exclude any liability for any errors or inaccuracies that advertising or sponsorship material may contain. The user’s relationship with third parties through the services of our platform and any terms, conditions and guarantees regarding these third parties, namely sponsors or advertisers, are the sole responsibility of the user and their third parties.


Use and Risk

Neither Cryptonation nor any other party involved in the creation, production, maintenance or implementation of the website can be held liable for any damages or damages in civil liability (including, but not limited to, consequential damages, loss of profits and moral damages, caused directly or indirectly), which arise as a result of the correct or incorrect use of the website and its contents by the user, access to the user’s computer and computer system by third parties, viruses, etc.

Please read also our Disclaimer. (linkar para o disclaimer)

Despite striving for the security of its website and putting in place the appropriate technical, physical and logical protection measures to guarantee its protection, Cryptonation does not guarantee or declare that the files available for download on the website are virus-free, worms, Trojan horses, scripts or any other code or programs that contain destructive or harmful properties.

The information on the site must be seen in its informative aspect. Despite Cryptonations’ efforts to keep the contents up-to-date and reliable, they may contain inaccuracies, typographical errors or be out of date, and may be changed at any time without Cryptonation being required to give prior notice. Therefore, its use in decision making is not recommended.


Action Policy

It is expressly prohibited to use the site for illegal purposes or any other purposes that may be considered unworthy of Cryptonations‘ image.

Usurpation, counterfeiting, use of usurped or counterfeit content, illegitimate identification and unfair competition are criminally punishable.

It is also prohibited for the user to create or introduce any type of virus, worm, Trojan horse, script or any other code or program that contains destructive or harmful properties, or to advise third parties to do so.