BANANO, a cryptocurrency full of potassium

You may not be looking for a potassium-rich cryptocurrency, but they are available. They are called BANANO, and entered the cryptos market on April 1, 2018.

The initial offering of these coins was 3,402,823,669.20 BAN. However, some of them were burnt and the current supply stands at 1.9 billion coins. And, as the BANANO staff assure us, there will never be more BAN than that.

And no, they are not for sale in grocery stores or supermarkets. On the contrary, they are available in several exchanges from to

Created on the same technological basis as NANO, there are some differences between NANO and BANANO. Namely at the level of Proof of Work limits and, more significantly, in its governance, since BANANO is a memecoin. In effect, it gives rise to fun, freedom and creative experimentation.

In fact, it’s offered on Reddit, Discord, Twitter or Telegram.

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